BACKTrimble Connect

Trimble Connect is a tool to improve construction project collaboration. It can be accessed with Desktop, Mobile or Web to view, share and access project information. It provides clarity to the work at hand. Trimble Connect can be used anywhere, anytime. Trimble Connect reduces costs and improves efficiency for buildings and infrastructure projects. It does this by consolidating and seamlessly exchanging information throughout the Design, Build, and Operate phases of a project. Owners, Architects, Contractors, and Engineers all leverage a variety of different software and hardware tools to contribute their deliverables to a project. These deliverables can be 2D drawings, specifications, documents, or 3D Building Information Models (BIM). Many of these software and hardware tools can import and export files to pass information from one stakeholder and tool to another. This process can oftentimes be disjointed, tedious, and complex to manage and keep up to date.

Trimble Connect minimizes the effort and cost of managing files for project stakeholders, and returns the focus back to the project itself. Trimble Connect has accomplished this by creating a robust and open cloud based project collaboration platform that software and hardware vendors can directly plugin to.