Trimble RealWorks

Visualize and Extract Compelling Deliverables from 3D Data

Trimble 3D scanning software allows you to integrate 3D point and survey data to Extract measurements, Generate deliverables and Utilize inside 3D CAD software.

Trimble RealWorks is specifically designed for point cloud processing and analysis. The software provides a complete solution to efficiently register, analyze, model and create deliverables using data from virtually any source.

  • Comprehensive, industry-leading point cloud processing and production software
  • Automated registration supports both target-based and targetless workflows
  • Advanced data management can handle large datasets to take full advantage of modern high-speed laser scanners
  • Support for most standard point cloud file formats
  • Quickly publish projects for sharing and collaboration
  • Powerful fitting tools and SketchUp Pro interoperability provide fast, accurate modeling to the point cloud
  • Application-specific tools such as the Advanced Storage Tank edition streamline modeling and analysis to deliver significant time savings


Advanced Data Registration / 3D Point Cloud

A broad range of registration tools within Trimble RealWorks allow you to quickly register projects and analyze the results.

  • Auto-Extract Targets and Register: Automatically detect and create sphere and flat black and white targets then register.
  • Quickly analyze and edit targets using the Target Analyzer Tool.

Scan the way you want. The advanced registration tools in Trimble RealWorks are easy to use providing you the confidence that registration will be accurate.

  • Feature based target-less registration enables you to automatically register scans without having to place targets or manually pick common points.
  • Refine registration allows you to enhance the registration of a project by performing a best fit of the point cloud of the individual scans stations.


2D and 3D Deliverables

Create many types of intermediate or final deliverables. The broad range of basic 2D and 3D tools available in Trimble RealWorks allow you to create:

  • Cross sections
  • Meshes
  • Contours
  • Volumes
  • Line work
  • Ortho-photos
  • Models


Advanced 3D Deliverables and Inspection

Compare as-built to design, pre-event to post-event and more.The advanced inspection tools in Trimble RealWorks are ideal for monitoring applications such as civil engineering (roads and bridges) and mining. The resulting deliverables provide richer, more detailed, and more helpful information for your clients.

  • Inspect as-built data, comparing it to the actual design.
  • Generate and visualize inspection, detecting any variation.
  • Obtain 2D & 3D graphic visualizations of gaps and deformations for easy analysis.
  • Import profiles and geometric primitives from a CAD design file in .dxf or .dwg, and export graphic files in .dxf and .dgn.
  • Share information by printing results directly using the RealWorks integrated print-out interface.


3D CAD Model Generation

Create 3D forms and geometries for rendering, computation, and other finite element usage. The Trimble RealWorks Modeling module allows you to create partial or full models very quickly and is particularly suited to applications where modeled geometries enhance or complete the impact and scope of intermediate and final deliverables. Trimble RealWorks can model diverse shapes to represent the as-built environment using simple CAD compliant geometrics.

  • Data modeling makes the transfer of data for analysis packages faster.
  • 3D models based on reality are the most efficient way to run simulations


Collaborate and Share

Conveniently share data with customers in a customizable and professional format using publisher. With Publisher, you can publish a project for viewing in Internet Explorer. The published project allows for viewing of the project in a 2.5D view with the ability to take measurements and add annotations. The publication can include media such as images and video, as well as links to documents and web sites. When creating the published project you can choose between enabling or disabling the ability for the recipient to extract data from the project.

Trimble RealWorks