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ProjectSight is a top-tier construction management software for builders and contractors to help you manage all of your projects from a single-source of collaboration and information for all project stakeholders.

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Budget and Cost Management

Minimize cost. Maximize profits.

The industry standard in construction budget software and cost management software from the makers of Prolog helps your project team to manage project finances to maximize profits and minimize cost. With over 25 years of successful project deliveries ProjectSight provides the forward looking project financial information you need to make better decisions on all of your projects.


Gain Visibility

Get relevant, timely and accurate budget and cost project forecasts information to respond to change orders and issues before it is too late.

Eliminate Surprises

See potential change orders, subcontract change orders and prime change orders before they occur to stay on time and within budget.

Protect Profitability

Ensure you get paid on time and that invoices are paid in a timely manner to give your management team confidence that your bottom line is protected from a billings and claims perspective.

Budget and Commitments

Construction cost management software gives you complete visibility into the financial health of your project, providing you a forward looking view of potential issues so you can react.


Easily create and manage all of your contracts in one place and make sure that all agreement details are captured so that you can get paid for the work as agreed upon.

Purchase Orders

Track materials, equipment and supplies that you purchase for your project.

Change Management

Manage all potential risks and changes that may impact scope, schedule and budget of your projects.


Managing contract invoices, general invoices and applications for payment.



Document Control

Get Control of Document Management

Our construction document control software modules ensure that all stakeholders are working from the most up-to-date information available whether you’re in the office or the in the field.


Get Lean by Eliminating Paper

Team members can collaborate and converse on key RFIs, Submittals and more without having to use paper-based forms.

Establish Trust with Your Clients

Ensure that construction project documentation is thorough, complete and a record of communication is available to gain credibility and reduce claims.

Create Accountability

Operate as a team and make sure everyone is held accountable for their responsibilities and action items.

Meeting Minutes

Manage meeting agendas, initiations and notes for your meetings.

Action Items

Formally assign tasks and track their completion


A work space to gather all information required by the owner for review and approval.


Get the answers you need to stay on schedule.


Access the latest drawings with markups and annotations directly on the .pdf file


The starting point for capturing any risks on your project.

Transmittals & Correspondence

Need to send contracts and change orders? Use the Transmittal & Correspondence record to officially record this correspondence.



Field Management

Improve Field Productivity

Improve field management with field project management software that establishes direct lines of communication with the field, ensuring everyone is working safely, building off of the most current information available and updating the team on what is actually happening on the site.


Manage Subs

Access to all approved project information and enable collaboration with your projects for no additional cost. This allows information to flow easily keeping the project moving and well-coordinated.

Eliminate Inefficiency

Simple, configurable and modern processes allow your team to quickly capture, communicate and collaborate around critical information.


Built by people who have personal experience working in the field. For that reason, ProjectSight includes mobile access via an iOS and Android application that works in both an on-line mode and an offline mode when an internet connection is unavailable or too slow.

Safety Notices

Identify safety violations that were committed by people on the job site. You can use these records over time to monitor the safety records of each contractor.

Punch Items

Track work that must be done before the Certificate of Final Completion can be issued.

Daily Reports

Track the work completed each day, daily activity of the crews, and weather conditions on the job site.

Field Work Directives

Handle unexpected events, account for additional work and provide clarification about the work.


Create an unlimited number of process checklists, ensuring that details are not missed.

Notices to Comply

Direct contractors to comply with instructions. They can be issued for poor workmanship, issue correction or any unfulfilled contractual obligations.