Model-Based Asset Interface

Digital Twins

Digital Twins

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The as-built 3D Model is used to visualize security scenarios, and plan/inspect Fire Life Safety requirements. Invite vendors to the model for remote jobwalks and virtual takeoffs/inspection (precise to 1/16"), instead of physically visiting the site.

  • Length: 31.879'
  • Width: 12.644'
  • Area: 403.078 sq.'


Digital Twins Connected

Remote real-time system monitoring with Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Connect your existing building control automation systems for a full vision into your operations.

Domestic Water System PSI: 42-43

40% Complete (success)

Noise Sensor: 56dB

32% Complete (success)

Humidity: 53%

60% Complete (success)

Content Enabled

Content Enabled

Make all objects intelligent. Link all building elements to your existing asset management system (i.e. IBM Maximo, NetSuites) for easy reference of installation details, specifications, part numbers, and warranties.

MerryChef E25 High Classic