SketchUp Pro Scan Subscription

A Complete Scan-to-3D Solution

Nothing beats a laser scanner when you need to capture site conditions accurately and safely. With a single scan, you can collect millions of points that you can turn into precise deliverables – from as-built documentation to 3D feasibility studies. But scan data is only helpful if you can communicate it clearly to stakeholders. That’s where the Pro Scan software subscription comes in. It empowers you to turn point clouds into clear 3D and 2D visualizations that everyone can understand.

Features and Benefits:

  • Model Accurately – Quickly compare scanned data to your model and identify any missed or inaccurate details. Draw and snap directly onto your point cloud using SketchUp’s native toolbox and accurately translate your point cloud into a 3D model.
  • Make Fewer Trips to the Site – With your point clouds in SketchUp, you can take as many measurements as you need (in 3D) without having to revisit the site.
  • Make Surveys Safer – Scan inaccessible or unsafe site features and bring them into SketchUp, where you can measure as many times as you need.
  • Document and Annotate Existing Conditions  – Pull your point clouds into 2D space where you can add annotations and dimensions within SketchUp’s 2D documentation tool, LayOut.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Modeling – Let the point clouds do the work for you and model only the essential parts by leveraging Scan Essentials’ tools to isolate parts of your scan and hide any irrelevant information.
  • Catch Clashes Faster – How well does the design intent meet the reality of the site? Figure it all out in 3D and XR Viewing apps to avoid costly changes down the line by pulling in scanned data of an existing site.
  • Visualize and Communicate in 3D Efficiently – A 3D model is a valuable communication asset throughout the project lifecycle and helps keep stakeholders on the same page.
  • Coordinate More Effectively with Field Teams – Bring your 3D projects to the job site, take precise measurements, and mark up issues straight from your iPad. Projects stay synced across devices with the Trimble Connect integration, so moving between office and site is seamless.

What’s Included in Pro Scan?

  • 3D modelers for desktop, web, and iPad (SketchUp for Desktop, SketchUp for Web, SketchUp for iPad)
  • Extension that lets you work with point cloud data in 3D and 2D (Scan Essentials)
  • 2D drawing and documentation (LayOut)
  • Cloud collaboration & unlimited storage (Trimble Connect)
  • Mixed reality viewing apps (XR Viewer)
  • Access to millions of pre-built 3D models (3D warehouse)
  • Quick insights for design research (PreDesign)
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