Trimble Mobile Mapping

Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution (TIMMS) is a high-productivity tool for accurately measuring, georeferencing and modelling interior spaces. It is the optimal combination of technologies for capturing spatial data of indoor and other GNSS-denied areas of all sizes and locations. It provides both LiDAR and spherical video, enabling the creation of accurate, real-life representations (maps, models) of an interior space and all of its contents; every object in the interior space, including desks, chairs, stairs, and doors appear in the plan. 

TIMMS is designed to maximize performance in the most restricted, confined and difficult-to-navigate indoor spaces. Designed with the user in mind, it is very easy to maneuver, lift, ship, and operate. Whatever your building type and shape, TIMMS delivers exceptional results, both in accuracy and ease-of-use. Because of its high efficiency and speed, TIMMS is very effective for as-built environments of all sizes, including very large spaces with multiple rooms (even those extending over several city blocks).


3D indoor geospatial views of all kinds of infrastructure can be created:

  • Plant and factory facilities
  • High-rise office, residential, and government buildings
  • Airports, train stations and other transportation facilities
  • Conference halls, theatres, auditoriums and other public event spaces
  • Covered pedestrian concourses (above and below ground) with platforms, corridors, stair locations and ramps

Key features:

    • No need for GNSS
    • Little or no Lidar shadowing
    • Extended range of operations
    • Self-contained
    • Simple workflow
    • Trimble’s Connected Community (TCC) allows users to access data anywhere, using a standard web browser


    • Building Security: Situational Awareness, Emergency Response - Evacuation
    • Asset Management: Physical assets, space assets
    • Renovations: Building Information Modeling,  New construction as-built
    • Space Optimization – building move-in/out
    • Possible to collect outdoor data
    • All interior spaces
    Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping