3D Laser Scanning Services

Laser Scanning continues to change the way that owners, architects, and contractors view their projects. From new construction to adaptive reuse and intricate remodels, laser scanning removes the guesswork from existing conditions and QA/QC functions, and replaces the unknown with real data points and demonstrable point sets. This actionable data replaces multiple trips to the field with a “capture once, process as necessary” concept that allows the user to utilize the data in a variety of different forms and file types including but not limited to; BIM model creation, as-built verification, existing conditions documentation, QA/QC, and a variety of additional tasks. BuildingPoint’s laser scanning services are available on both a project-based and time/materials basis, allowing you to customize this service to your specific budget and scope of work.

BuildingPoint Pacific is a leading provider of 3D laser scanning services and provides its clients with the following deliverables in a variety of formats:
Existing Conditions: Quick and accurate as-builts are vital for starting renovation projects with the best information the industry can provide. BuildingPoint Pacific 3D laser scanning services provide the contractor with detailed locations needed to accurately model facilities and structures to design improvements. Utilizing TX6, and TX8 static scanners as wells as the Trimble Interior Mobile Mapping Solution (TIMMS), we have the equipment and expertise to provide you a deliverable that works.

Quality Checks: 3D laser scanning services from BuildingPoint Pacific can capture the current progress and identify discrepancies. This allows you to utilize current progress field measurements for BIM coordination while your project is underway!

BuildingPoint Pacific’s 3D laser scanning services dramatically improve accuracy of capturing existing conditions. It also reduces field time and return visits for items missed, especially in areas that are still being utilized. Rest easy with the confidence that everything has been captured correctly the first time.

3D scanning services provided includes:

  • 2D and 3D Point Clouds: existing structures with no existing accurate model
  • MEP: ducts, cable trays, conduit, hangers, and sleeves
  • As-built documentation
  • Clash & Interference detection
  • Concrete: floor flatness,
  • Structural Steel: anchor bolts, base plates, construction tolerances

Also see options for VDC services to generate solid model and PDF deliverables from the point clouds captured.

For more information about how BuildingPoint Pacific can assist your project team, please contact us at services@buildingpointpacific.com