Jobsite Security


  • Access Control - Helps you enforce access rules to your jobsites and alerts you of unauthorized entries
  • Labor Tracking - Records each worker and sub-contractor's time on site for accountability and reporting
  • Site Security - Limit access to your jobsite, improving security for your workers, equipment, and material
  • Health and Safety - Enables you to document workers’ emergency contact info and send safety alerts
  • Compliance - Organizes your workforce data to ensure compliance with government or owner mandates
  • Hassle-Free Onboarding - CrewSight makes onboarding fast and accurate with electronic worker self-enrollment

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Jobsite Cameras

BuildingPoint Pacific is now offering jobsite cameras! With Sensera Systems' Jobsite Cameras you can:

  • Receive intrusion detection alerts
  • Reduce equipment theft
  • See your site live and stay up-do-date on progress at the jobsite, even when you're at home
  • See by-the-minute views of labor volumes, hours on-site and keep track of who's there, what's happening, and even communicate with people on site via messaging

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