BACKMC78x Camera Kit

MC78x-102 Solar Powered Camera Kit and
MC78x -101 Ac-Powered Camera Kit
8MP All-Weather Camera for Robust Documentation and Monitoring

Sensera jobsite cameras provide that extra layer of ‘exceptional’ to your projects. Whether your goal is to reduce jobsite theft, ensure OSHA compliance, better manage projects from the road or keep clients up-to-date with site progress time-lapse video, Sensera delivers an affordable, easy-to-use, remote jobsite monitoring solution.

Time-lapse, Safety and Security Made Easy

The MC78 8MP solar-powered jobsite camera is designed for robust visual documentation and site monitoring where power infrastructure is not available (or consistent). Perfect for intermediate users who want to monitor progress, collaborate with project stakeholders, improve safety and produce professional grade time-lapse videos for project marketing. Live-stream video from your site and share high-resolution real-time and DVR project images with team members, customers and owners

The MC78 site solution is powered by Sensera’s SiteCloud® platform which provides easy-to-use software for viewing, monitoring, and sharing real-time site data, detecting actionable insights, and simplifying work-flow. SiteCloud service includes WiFi and 4G LTE connectivity making it a true end-to-end solution. Add SitePOV Mobile App to access additional features from your smart phone.

Features and Benefits

  • One Person Installation in Under 20 Minutes
  • Light-weight, Small Footprint
  • Integrated Modem for Cellular or WiFi Connectivity
  • Easy to Move or Reposition
  • All-weather Outdoor/Indoor Housing
  • Automated Health Monitoring

Jobsite Visibility

  • Minimize Travel and Time from Site to Site
  • Monitor Project Progress and As-built Status
  • Improve Collaboration with Stakeholders
  • Market Your Projects and Promote Your Business
  • Mitigate Risk and Enforce Safety Processes
  • Reduce Liability and Lower Insurance Costs

Integrates With:

  • Procore
  • Reconstruct
  • AutoDesk
  • PlanGrid
  • Oracle
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