Trimble TX6 and TX8 3D Scanners

The Trimble TX Series of 3D laser scanners for building construction applications offers you a choice in how you can approach data capture on any jobsite to keep up with the demands of today’s need for better, more detailed information that can be used in design or progress analysis of your project. By combining the high quality output needed for precise data capture and the scanning-range appropriate for most building projects, you will experience the ultimate in speed, quality and range. Trimble's 3D laser scanning solutions provide a cost effective and efficient method for gathering existing locations of structural components.

The Trimble TX Series scanners streamline work in the office as well. The scanner’s clean, low-noise data reduces processing time and the data loads directly into Trimble RealWorks® or Scan Explorer, enabling easy project collaboration via Internet Explorer. RealWorks also provides efficient data flow into popular CAD programs and Trimble EdgeWise and SketchUp, for point cloud modeling.

Key features

  • Trimble 3D laser scanners deliver high density 3D point clouds by performing high-speed measurements without compromising range or precision.
  • The scanner provides a 360° x 317° field of view and captures high density scans in three to six minutes.
  • The Trimble TX6 maintains high precision over the entire upgradeable range extended from 80m to 120m.
  • The TX8 with its high performance over its entire range extended from 120m to 340m.


  • Urban environments: streets, buildings, utilities
  • Civil infrastructure: roads/highways, bridges, dams, tunnels
  • Building construction/renovation
  • Industrial environments: plants, offshore platforms, ships, factories
  • Public safety