Smart planning and innovative design methods

"Design-Build" the phrase is here to stay. But even as independent architects and boutique firms step up to the challenge of delivering robust, as-built models, all architecture professionals know that pure design still matters.

So while firms align with contracting partners or develop their own build capabilities, architects still need intuitive, flexible tools that allow for creativity and iteration in design. And these tools need to speak the same language as the powerful planning and estimating platforms used by construction professionals, software that translates design into reality. Trimble Buildings offers a software portfolio that helps architects bridge the Design-Build gap, unifying project knowledge around models that are compatible across a project’s lifecycle and teams. With Trimble Buildings, architects stand up for the role of design in development, accounting for structural integrity and estimation while design is happening, and easily adapting models as project constraints emerge.

SketchUp Pro is 3D modeling software that's easy to learn and to use. Use SketchUp Pro ...