Realworks Introduction

This course introduces Trimble Realworks and teaches the basic operation of the software.

  • Setting and Preferences
  • Importing Scan Data
  • Import and Register Tool - Import scans and automatically register them in a single batch operation.
  • The Auto-Register Using Planes - Automatically extracts planes (walls, ground, ceiling, etc.) and matches them together between scans
  • Cloud Based Registration - Uses the common parts of the two point clouds. Computed error is an average distance between the two point clouds.
  • Point Cloud Orientation - Correct orientation based on the Normal X, Normal Y and Normal Z information that are in the displayed point cloud.
  • Georeferenced Point Cloud - Reference a station (or a group of stations) to a known coordinate system.
  • Cloud Segmentation - Segment a selection of point cloud(s) by keeping the points either inside (or outside) of the fence.
  • Limit Box Extraction - Create small sections for evaluating the registration results, drawing polylines or clearer view of a specific area. With the second feature, you can extract full density of points from the selection area.
Brandon Bailey

Brandon Bailey joined BuildingPoint Pacific in October of 2021 and covers northwestern Washington state. Brandon believes it’s important to build a good relationship with customers and that every customer deserves a high level of service.

Brandon has lived in Washington State most of his life. He grew up in Grandview, WA and attended Whitworth University in Spokane.

David Sample

David Sample joined BuildingPoint Pacific in December of 2021 and is currently fulfilling the needs of our MEP, drywall, steel, glazing, and general contractor customer base in the Southern California area.

David brings with him 12 years of experience in construction technology solutions selling laser scanning and BIM modeling hardware, software, and services.

In his new position at BuildingPoint Pacific, David will oversee the Field Solutions needs of our customers including: Robotic Total Stations for construction layout, 3D laser scanning technologies, mobile mapping solutions, construction layout products, construction layout software products.

Originally from Tennessee, David relocated to Southern California 13 years ago and is thrilled to join the BuildingPoint Pacific team where he is already growing relationships with our customers, both old and new.

Luis Mier

Luis Mier has a decade-long experience as a Land Surveyor in Colombia, where he worked in the public sector collecting data, mapping, and providing layout information. He immigrated to the United States in 2018 and has worked in land surveying, geo-spatial tech companies, and general contracting in the Bay Area.

Luis earned a degree in Geography at Arizona State University and is on his way to earning his graduate studies in Geography and Geographic Information Systems.

With his passion for learning, vast experience in the field and the use of modern technology, he is a great asset BuildingPoint, offering solutions on Total Robotic Stations for construction layout, 3D laser scanning technologies, mobile mapping solutions, construction layout and software products.

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