Sensera Systems Jobsite Cameras

Solar + AC In One Compact Solution

Our Solar + AC solutions provide maximum flexibility for ideal system placement and installation whether your site has power available or not. Our systems are completely DIY, requiring no power or Ethernet, and can be setup by one person in 20-minutes. This flexibility also makes it simple to relocate your cameras for alternative progress views or to a new jobsite upon project completion.

AC + Solar models provide the unique ability to easily switch between power options depending on your needs.

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Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

The PTZ600 camera is designed for advanced user remote site monitoring including progress documentation, safety applications, and productivity and logistics management. Ideal for large-scale sites requiring a wide coverage area and fine detail, this powerful camera provides three important new capabilities: multi-location time-lapse, automated panoramas, and live streaming with real-time PTZ control.

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Fixed Position Cameras



  • 6mp, 8mp, or 13mp 4K camera
  • 32GB, 256GB, or 512GB Continuous recording (up to 137 days)
  • Outdoor/Indoor compatible enclosure
  • Includes multi-application wall, corner, or pole mount (other mounts also available)
  • DIY installation – simple 20-minute, one person setup
  • Automatic connection over 4G LTE
  • Free domestic ground shipping


  • Impact Resistant enclosure with minimum IP66 rating
  • Powered via Solar Panel (with battery backup) or 120V AC (max 2 amps)
  • Unlimited simultaneous users
  • 10-Year SiteCloud media storage retention
  • 3-Year warranty

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  • Access your jobsite in real-time, from anywhere
  • Automated and custom time-lapse
  • Continuous video recording
  • Tag, annotate and share images
  • Download images and video locally to your computer
  • View live and historical weather data


Stunning Image Quality

Our cameras produce professional grade images and video at a surprisingly affordable price. Our 4K time-lapse videos have been featured in national commercials and in project portfolio marketing by over 1,000 of our general contractor clients.


Compact Solar

Our camera systems are the only compact solar solutions in the industry. Our patented low-power technology enables our systems to operate on either solar or AC power in the same small form factor. No additional power or battery box, or large solar power arrays required. In fact, our cameras can operate for up to 10 days with no power or network connectivity (depending on models).


Camera Model MC26 MC78 MC88 PRO2
Resolution 6MP
(3264 x 1836)
(3840 x 2160)
(4224 x 3136)
(1920 x 1800 day triggered)
(1280 x 960 day triggered)
Automated & Custom Time-lapse 1080p 1080p 4k n/a
Video/Still Recording (Capacity) 32GB (approx. 8 days continuous video recording) 256GB (approx. 68 days continuous video recording) 512GB (approx. 137 days continuous video recording) 512GB (approx. 137 days continuous video recording)
LiveView Image Capture No Yes Yes No
Integrated Battery Backup Up to 5 Days Up to 5 Days
(10 Days XL Models)
Up to 5 Days
(10 Days XL Models)
Up to 5 Days
(10 Days XL Models)
Applications Short cycle & Smaller Footprint Projects Progress, Safety & Security, Any Project Large Footprint, High Resolution Progress, Safety & Security Intelligent Security
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