BACKPull and Phase Planning Services

Pull Planning is a service, which BuildingPoint Pacific has offered for over a decade in the California construction field from San Francisco to San Diego. Pull and/or Phase Planning is an interactive planning method based on Lean principals of Last Planner®. Typically during a Phase or Pull Planning session a group of stakeholders (Owners, General Contractors, Superintendents, Subcontractor’ Project Manager and Forman) gather to assign a target milestone and work backwards defining the tasks and sequences in order to detail the work scope, duration and sequencing of the work for the given milestone.

Pull and Phase Planning is a valuable method for outlining scopes in order to meet deadlines in construction project with stakeholder’s input and ownership. When Pull and Phase Planning is executed properly miscommunication and scope slippage is eliminated from the project, a more efficient project with higher profit margins for all stakeholders will be produced.

Phase Planning is structured to coordinate several phases of a project in a single session. Examples of Phase Planning opportunities include Commissioning of Pharmaceutical Operations, High-rise construction, complex construction projects, Multi-use development, ect. Phase Planning typically looks at breaking out activities by weeks and months to reach the millstone date.

Pull Planning is similar to Phase Planning except the goal is to identify one task or area of a project and pull the schedule backwards to 1-5 day durations. Pull planning works best for identifying tasks and durations for individual rooms, exterior skin (dry-in), structural concrete, individual MEP system startup, etc.

BuildingPoint Pacific is trained to coordinate the meeting, bring the set of stakeholders to the meeting, explain the concept of Pull and Phase Planning, facilitate the meeting, conduct problem solving exercises, offer suggestions, probe with open ended questions and finalize the session. BuildingPoint Pacific is also capable to take the sessions information and create a new schedule or incorporate the data into an existing schedule within a day or two to give instant feedback to the participates of the work they accomplished during the meeting.

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