BACKConstruction Layout Services

Efficient, reliable, and accurate construction layout is vital to the success of any size construction project. BuildingPoint Pacific layout services provide the contractor with detailed locations needed to accurately construct buildings and improvements. Utilizing Trimble Robotic Total Station, GPS, and our highly trained staff we can cater to the specific needs of the GC/CM.


Increased accuracy and decreased labor costs: the use of fully robotic total stations allows for a single operator to perform the set-up and layout without the need of an additional person Higher accuracy over traditional layout methods: with the use of proper procedures typical results of accuracy will be between 1/16” and 1/4” Automatic reporting: reports are automatically created storing information regarding, points laid out, points laid out per hour, the accuracy of each point

List of layout services provided inlcudes:

  • MEP: ducts, cable trays, conduit, hangers, and sleeves
  • Concrete: rough grade, foundations, and gridlines
  • Structural Steel: anchor bolts and base plates
  • Carpenter: wall, hold downs, anchor tie downs, framing
  • Drywall: metal stud framing
  • As-built: QC/QA for pre-pour and check off

In addition to layout services BuildingPoint Pacific also offers point creation using Trimble Field Points. This software allows for the quick and accurate creation of points in Auto-Cad, Revit, and Sketch-up completing the office to field solution.

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