BACKTrimble LeanSight

LeanSight is the tool for transporting schedules that are created in the office, out and into the field. With LeanSight all project participants know where and when work needs to be done in order to facilitate successful handoffs in each location. Web and mobile access to LeanSight ensures that your entire team is connected and informed.

Project schedules can be created in LeanSight, or using any of the industry standard scheduling applications, including Vico Schedule Planner. Once created, the plan is published to inform everyone on-site of what expectations must be met for on-time project completion. Progress can be monitored in the mobile application to provide real-time status of all project tasks.

LeanSight connects people to tasks, time, quality and project information. A countdown to each task start is provided, which helps manage change on-site and allows every participant to know when work will start. Checklists provide a status update about quality and completion of each task. Task information and mutual expectations are provided in real-time to create transparency.

With LeanSight you can plan, connect and manage projects with confidence.


  • Intuitive interface for task planning
  • Easy to organize tasks for create logic and dependencies
  • Web interface for office work - mobile interface for field work
  • Collaboration and task assignments
  • Document storage for referencing necessary information
  • Built-in communication features