BACKTrimble Workforce Registry

Federal and state regulations impact workplace standards for construction workers and their employers. Regulations that affect workplace standards include wage and benefit standards, safety standards, occupational licensing standards, and apprenticeships or training standards. As an employer it is sometimes difficult to keep ahead of the necessary paperwork to stay in compliance. That’s why Trimble created Workforce Registry, a construction management software package that is simple to use, reduces paperwork, and helps keep you in compliance.

Workforce Registry software lets you register and store your workforce data in the cloud, then create custom data configurations, and export reports for compliance documentation.

The initial process is simple:

  • Forms are configurable in English, Spanish, or other languages. You can create custom fields to collect only the information you need and configure them using drop-down lists and other fields to ensure the information you collect is viable data.
  • Forms can be used to present NDAs, safe practice agreements, and other documents necessary for onboarding.
  • Workers enter their information on a mobile device from the office or the jobsite and e-sign the documents. Employers are able to approve and accept completed documents on the spot.

With Workforce Registry you have the opportunity to filter, review, download, and export customized versions of your register into Excel. Options include filtering workers by employer, trade, experience and certifications as well as other various criteria. Additional benefits include:

  • Locate worker information via mobile device during a medical emergency injury.
  • Export reports to verify compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act.
  • Monitor which employees have upcoming license renewals.
  • Send broadcast text messages to employees about site hazards, inclement weather information, or workplace meetings.