BACKSpectra QML800

The QML800 QuickMark Layout System is a completely new way to layout interior points. The system is composed of 2 lasers that communicate in wireless mode controlled by an Android tablet. The point from any drawing can be entered easily using CAD export or CSV file export. Once all the points are uploaded on the tablet, the user simply selects any point and the lasers rotate to create, within a few seconds, a bright visible X where this point is located.

There are many possibilities to select a point either directly from the map or by entering its coordinates or even from the list of points previously uploaded. It is fast, efficient and very easy to use. Complicated shapes, arcs and curves are now easy to layout with no calculations required. Days of layout now become hours. Accuracy is improved and errors are not compounded from point to point. As a result, layout can be completed before other trades arrive. The QML800 system is useful for drywall contractors, MEP contractors, general contractors, construction managers and architects.

The QML800 is a productive solution your existing staff can use with little training. User guide and white paper available.