Prolog Administration

In this three-day hands-on course provides a solid understanding of how to configure Prolog to fit business requirements. You will utilize the administrative tools necessary to successfully install, configure and maintain Prolog.

Classes offered in San Leandro, CA.

Who Should Take this Course:

This course is ideal for those who will be making decisions regarding implementation and configuration of Prolog. The intended audience includes Prolog Administrators, Prolog Implementation Consultants, and Prolog Technical Support Specialists.

Topics Covered:

  • Setup of project templates to standardize the project startup process.
  • How to configure security and provide users access to control who and how they can interact with project information.
  • How to import standard project data to gain efficiency.
  • How to configure usability preferences at portfolio, project or user level to streamline the workflow processes.
  • Please view the full course description for additional objectives.

Course Description


  • Experience using Prolog.
  • A basic understanding of the Prolog SQL database table structure.
  • An understanding of the AEC industry.
  • Knowledge of your company's business processes and procedures.

Scheduled Class

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