CrewSite Job Site Security

CrewSight combines a jobsite access control system with a worker database for increased site security and automated compliance. You can track worker time and attendance, safety documentation, and receive automated labor reports along with expedited worker orientation prior to the worker arriving onsite.


CrewSight Allows for the Following:

  • Access Control - Helps you enforce access rules to your job sites and alerts you of unauthorized entries
  • Labor Tracking - Records each worker and sub-contractor's time on site for accountability and reporting
  • Site Security - Limit access to your jobsite, improving security for your workers, equipment, and material
  • Health and Safety - Enables you to document workers’ emergency contact info and send safety alerts
  • Compliance - Organizes your workforce data to ensure compliance with government or owner mandates
  • Hassle-Free Onboarding - CrewSight makes onboarding fast and accurate with electronic worker self-enrollment



Jobsite Cameras

BuildingPoint Pacific is now offering jobsite cameras! With Sensera Systems' Jobsite Cameras you can:

  • Receive intrusion detection alerts
  • Reduce equipment theft
  • See your site live and stay up-do-date on progress at the job site, even when you're at home
  • See by-the-minute views of labor volumes, hours on-site and keep track of who's there, what's happening, and even communicate with people on site via messaging

CrewSight Access Control

Man in Hardhat with a Data Tablet


Information at Your Fingertips

Get up-to-date information quickly:

  • Who and how many contractors are on the site
  • Ensure they are compliant
  • Communicate with everyone on-site remotely

BuildingPoint Pacific is here to support your Jobsite security needs. We can help by answering questions and assisting you in leveraging CrewSight to maximize remote monitoring to the fullest extent. For more information please contact us at or 619-850-7683.

CrewSight Time and Attendance