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Reflections in Primavera P6

Submitted by webmaster on Tue, 10/17/2017 - 16:03

General contractors will have many what-if scenarios as a project progresses fromstart to finish. These what-if scenarios will help determine response to complications that arise on a construction site. Typically, Primavera users will create a sandbox EPS node to account for the ideas and changes to bring a project back on track or to help determine if an idea will save time and money for both the owner and general contractor. The copies of a project in the sandbox area do not allow a user to easily import the changes back into the master project file without extensive reviews of the changes.

Primavera P6 has a built-in feature called Reflections which allows users to make a copy of a project, make changes to the reflection without changing the source project file, and then import modifications back into the source project. The Reflections options will allow a user to import approved changes and leave out changes not approved. The Reflection option is useful for quickly checking to see what the after-effects of cost or durations modifications would be to a project’s schedule. Reflections allow for an idea to be incorporated into the schedule without corrupting the source schedule; they can be imported into the source project quickly and easily if approved.

Reflections can be used to:

  • Add additional shifts
  • Add, delete or modify a calendar
  • TIAs and fragnets incorporated into a schedule
  • Change in size or scope of a project
  • Changes in resource assignments
  • Changes to the order of construction activities

The steps to creating reflections are:

  • Create a reflection in the project window
  • Modify the reflection
  • Review the changes and the results of the changes in the reflection schedule
  • Import approved changes

Create a Reflection:

Right click in the Project Window on the project in which a reflection will be made. Chose “Create a Reflection

A copy of the project will be created within the same EPS node and the Project ID will be advance by one number, a question mark will appear on the Project ID icon and “Reflection” will be added to the Project Name

Modify the Reflection:

The project can be accessed and modified in the same way a regular project can be. The new reflection file can be exported as an .XER file, sent to a team member or subcontractor to review and edit, and imported back into the Primavera P6 database with the edits. The new reflection file can also be modified within the existing Primavera P6 database without being exported.

Review the changes and the results of the changes in the reflection schedule

To review the changes made to the reflection without importing the reflection project changes into the source file, the Claim Digger (P6 v 8.0 through 15) or Schedule Comparison (Primavera P6 16.x) tool will allow for a detailed list of changes to the reflection file compared against the source project file.

To review the changes made on the Reflection Project against the source project file, right-click on the Reflection Project file and chose “Merge Reflection into Source Project”.

A new window listing the changes will appear where a decision can be made to either allow the import of the changes or chose not to import the changes.

  1. Values before merging: Values established in the source file
  2. Values after merging: Values from the reflection file created in the first step
  3. Merge: Choose which changes to import into the source file (a claim digger or schedule comparison report may help in making these decisions)
  4. Prior to merging: Choose to make the source project a baseline to the new schedule and/or make the source project an .XER file before merging new changes into the schedule
  5. After merging: Choose to keep, delete or replace the reflection project in the EPS node
  6. Merge Changes: After options 1 through 5 are considered click to merge the changes into the source project.

Once the files are merged, a popup screen will appear indicating the files have been merged successfully.

Some basic guidelines for creating reflections

  • Do not change the Project ID or activity IDs when the reflection is being modified. If either one of these are changed, the Reflection process will not be valid and Primavera P6 will not be able recognize the changes properly.
  • If after you click on the project and “Create a Reflection” or “Merge Reflection into Source Project” is not an option than the user does not have the permission setup by the Primavera P6 administrator within the EPS node.
  • If “Merge Reflection into Source Project” is not available on the source project, then the project may be checked out by another user.  
  • Activities, resource assignments, WBS elements, project expenses, project Issues, and project Risks deleted in the Reflection file will not be removed in the source file after merging the files.
  • Reflections is not an option on the web-based version of Primavera P6.

About BuildingPoint Pacific

BuildingPoint Pacific’s (BPP) team of professional schedulers has been supporting owners, general contractors, construction managers, and superintendents since 1998. Scheduling support services is provided for all phases of a project‘s lifecycle with the knowledge and expertise of various scheduling methods including Flowline, CPM, PERT and Pull Planning methods to best support our specific customer needs. BPP has worked for ENRs (Engineering News-Record) Top 400 and small contractors supporting their projects by offering scheduling services including:

  • Baseline schedule development
  • Schedule review and analysis
  • Schedule update
  • Time Impact Analysis (TIM)
  • Resource and cost loading
  • Schedule comparison
  • Claims and mitigations
  • Schedule optimization
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Forensic analysis
  • 4D simulations
  • Pull planning

BPP’s team of schedulers use the latest scheduling program management software packages including:

  • Vico VDC/4D BIM scheduling
  • Primavera P6 PPM/EPPM
  • Synchro VDC/4D scheduling
  • Microsoft Project

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