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Rebuild and Revive US Infrastructure

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Connected Construction: How We'll Rebuild and Revive US Infrastructure - Constructible


Realizing Connected Construction

(1:01:33) Video by - KHL Group

Even on the heels of a divisive and hotly contested election, leaders on both sides of the aisle can agree that we need to channel investment into new and innovative ways to modernize and upgrade our critical systems for the future. The plan put forth by president Biden proposes spending $2 trillion on infrastructure improvements encompassing transportation, clean energy, water, and digital policy.

To the extent there will be meaningful government investment, a tremendous opportunity exists to rebuild the infrastructure needed to ensure the continued health and well-being of the country. But it requires the construction industry to rise to the occasion. To revive our American infrastructure and boost its capacity to serve our needs today and into the future, the construction industry must first face its own failings.

Some Construction Companies Are Holding Us All Back

Said more simply, it’s time to put the stubborn resistance to change to rest and accept our own need for modernization. A concerted effort across the construction industry to accelerate technology adoption and digital transformation is needed. By harnessing the technologies available to us right now, we can make long-overdue productivity improvements, overcome the labor shortage, and rise to the integral role our country needs us to play in modernizing our most critical . . .Read More

Connected Construction