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The Path to Building Digitalization

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The Path to Building Digitalization - Contractor


Implementing Digital Twin in the Built Environment - Digital Construction Week

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The adoption of building information modeling (BIM) is more prevalent with today’s plumbing and mechanical contractors because of the myriad productivity and profitability benefits. More importantly, BIM has helped the contracting community evolve into implementing digital twin technologies to monitor and maintain buildings through their entire life cycle.

Benefits of 3D modeling on commercial/industrial projects include increased labor productivity, increased profitability, improved fabrication process, better utilization of resources, improved cost performance, reduced errors, better collaboration between stakeholders, enhancing industry reputation and improved schedule performance, notes Dodge Data and Analytics in its 2020 “The Business Value of BIM for Mechanical and HVAC Construction” SmartMarket Report.

Nearly two-thirds (61 percent) of mechanical piping contractors report that BIM is used on 50 percent or more of construction projects; just over half (55 percent) say BIM is a formal contract requirement for most jobs. The number is similar for plumbing . . .Read More

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