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More Accurate Estimates

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More Accurate Estimates Start with More Constructible Models - Engineering News Record


Trimble Content Enabled Video

(1:45) Video by - Trimble Buildings

The dynamic visuals of BIM and 3D models provide an impressive way to bring the design vision for a construction project to life. But today’s BIM models do more than simply deliver the wow factor.

More than just 3D models, BIM is a process that’s intended to improve planning, communication, and coordination. In fact, when models contain 4D, 5D, and even 6D BIM information, including details about materials, costs, schedules, maintenance data, and more, BIM’s real value begins to be realized.

“As modeling has matured, an increasing number of contractors and fabricators have embraced BIM for its exceptional value in downstream activities, such as detailing, fabrication, installation, and handover; integrating the complete design and construction workflow as an efficient, collaborative digital effort.” - Using Building Information Modeling to Connect Design and Construction, Dodge Data & Analytics

The more detailed the model, the more constructible it is. By designing to a higher level of detail, not only is the structure . . . Read More

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