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Data Across Construction Phase

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Data Across Construction Phases is Finally Here - Construction Executive


The Constructible Process

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"The benefits of digitization are truly new levels of visibility into individual jobs, and across jobs."

Construction is famously fragmented, with dozens of companies on a given job using their own software, processes, and formats for working, producing information and communicating data and materials. This problem is not new—in fact, it is why the industry has produced standards such as MasterFormat, Uniformat and OmniClass. Standards like these exist so contractors can organize and keep track of the hundreds of thousands of items that come together to become a building, and communicate the quantities, costs and schedules required for that coming together—otherwise known as construction.

The problem is that different phases of construction need different things. Designing focuses on what gets built, whereas construction focuses on how it gets built, and so on. Translating the work product of different teams in different phases wasn’t an issue when that meant a human looking at one sheet of paper and interpreting information to fill in another sheet of paper. Humans are much better at this than is often recognized, despite the odd transcription error. So the industry adopted practices such as material takeoffs—it’s easy to . . .Read More

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