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Augmented and Mixed Reality

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8 Ways Augmented and Mixed Reality Improves Remote Collaboration and Worker Safety - Constructible


Trimble Connected Construction

(0:52) Video by - Trimble Buildings

Physically, much of the world has remained the same as it was before the pandemic.

But, if you’re anything like me, the way you move through the world has been completely transformed. How I spend my time, the details I notice, and what I care about are not the same as they were even just a few months ago. And, flaws and opportunities that were once unknown seem glaringly obvious to me now.

It reminds me of the first time I looked at a jobsite through a mixed reality headset. Standing on a freshly poured slab, I was able to see an entire engineering project finished — long before construction began. Yes, my feet remained firmly planted in the same world they had always been in, but my eyes showed me something completely different.

With remote collaboration during COVID-19 and social distancing in construction now our reality, I see many companies turning to mixed reality and augmented reality technologies for a better way to . . . Read More

Mixed Reality